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 Alchemical Grimoire

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Lord Vindicus

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PostSubject: Alchemical Grimoire   Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:57 pm

What follows is a study of Alchemy from a historical and scientific perspective. As a practice going back thousands of years in numerous cultures, and with such broad aims, the depths of the Alchemy are arguably unfathomable; undoubtedly they surpass the protoscientific usage that Alchemy is limited to.

Here we'll draw on Eastern and Western sources, in addition to applicable sciences. The following are the primary aims of Alchemy.

1. Chrysopeia-the creation of the Philosopher's Stone
2. The creation of the Elixir of Life
3. The transmutation of base Elements to Noble elements
4. Panacea- the creation of a Medicine to cure all ailments
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PostSubject: Re: Alchemical Grimoire   Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:50 pm

The Ripley Scroll contains a step by step guide, written by George Ripley in the 15th century and copied in the 18th century, on the process of creating a philosophers stone and subsequently, the elixir of life.

A full modern version of the text on the scroll can be found at www(dot)alchemywebsite(dot)com

This site also contains a vast collection of alchemical knowledge, not just on the Ripley Scroll but the field as a whole
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Alchemical Grimoire
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