Out there in the darkness, I thought I would be lost forever... but once my eyes adjusted, I found, much to my surprise, that within this darkness, I had discovered hope.
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 Sith Videos

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PostSubject: Sith Videos   Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:34 pm

This thread contains a series of videos that are meant to inspire, and to explain many aspects of the Sith ideology.  They are not all 100% in agreement with the Sith ideology, but by watching them, we can come to a more full understanding of the Sith mindset.  This series of videos lasts about 2 hours if watched back to back, and is meant to be watched in the order in which it is listed in order to better point out the flow of the message that it delivers.

Stephen Hawking explains the basic functioning of the universe as we understand it.  Scientific understanding of the universe is vital for any Sith.  This video should be watched at least until the point where he starts talking about the possibilities of alien life, as it doesn't hold much relevance to the rest of the dialog.  Feel free to cut it short at that point.

Into The Universe: The Story of Everything

Science Saved My Soul explains how science can bring us to a much better state of mind than religion, and that those realizations can influence us to better lives.

We Got Scared is a video about the development of the human race.  It highlights our downfalls, our potential, and our movement towards a better future.  

Pale Blue Dot is a segment of Carl Sagans Cosmos.  Carl Sagan had a great hope and passion for the human race, born of his knowledge of the cosmos.  His ideology is deeply rooted in Sith ideals.

Charlie Chaplin gives a speech that most likely a century before its time.  His sentiments echo with many aspects of the Sith ideology, and encourage us to create a better future.

A TED talk about leadership.  This video helps to explain the power that we all possess to effect one another, and to change the world around us.

The Real You is a short piece of a lecture by Alan Watts, which brings together many of the ideas that have been explored in the videos above.  He speaks to the truth of what we all are.

Carl Sagan's audio clips autotuned into a song.  While the music and the song may never have been touched by Carl Sagan, the words within it are his, and his sentiments are well captured by this surprisingly decent music.

Audio clips by several scienctists to include Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye that have been autotuned into a song much like "A Glorious Dawn" above.  

Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die; Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever

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Sith Videos
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